Saxofun! Adults Only Sax Choir

Our first rehearsal!

A purely for fun group for adult saxophonists to come and enjoy playing their saxophones with other like minded souls.
No expectations or judgements, just the hope that you will enjoy yourself and the sound of saxophones en masse!
All you need is a saxophone, and the basic ability to know notes on the instrument and read music around grade 1 level (or above)

Not sure you’ll like it? Here’s what some members said after their first rehearsal…

Hi Lydia, Wowzer!! So much fun tonight. I was beaming when I got in. Loved it, thank you so so much for awakening my musical passion.

I got a feeling that everyone enjoyed themselves and that any doubts that individuals may have had, me included, soon evaporated. I’m convinced that the numbers will grow and that will be down to you and your amazing enthusiasm.

Hi Sax Queen
Thanks for a lovely first time choir 😊

Thanks for such a fun night! And wait until the next one

Rehearsals take place in East Harling, Norfolk fortnightly.
Please register your place by messaging at lydiaogorman (dot) music (@)

Rehearsals calendar 2022

  • 1st March
  • 15th March
  • 29th March
  • [Break for Easter Hols]
  • 26th April
  • 10th May
  • [ no session on 24th June]
  • *Check back for July dates *

🎷 🎷 🎷